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9/29/10: Cheap Pill May Save Lives When Given Before Surgery by Richard Knox, NPR Science News

9/29/10: Beta blockers reduce risk of death after surgery, study finds,, HealthOrbit Canada

9/29/10: Study: Beta Blockers Reduce Post-Operative Mortality Rates by Rachel Fields, Beckers' ASC Review

9/27/10: Perioperative Beta Blockade Reduces Short- and Long-Term Mortality After Surgery in Patients at Risk for Cardiac Events Newswise

9/05: New website teaches doctors how to prevent deaths of at-risk patients (UCSF press release about BBAC site)

2/05: ACC/AHA Beta-Blocker Guidelines Followed Poorly By Physicians in Anesthesiology News (features website)

8/2/04: Perioperative clonidine lowers CAD mortality in

7/29/04: Anti-hypertensive drug clonidine before non-cardiac surgery reduces risk of complications due to inadequate blood flow to the heart in Medical Study News

7/28/04: Clonidine reduces post surgical risk of cardiovascular death in non-cardiac surgery ran in Medical News Today (U.K.), and Innovations Report (Germany), 7/29 in Merck Medicus, Medscape

7/27/04: Reuters article Drug Cuts Death Risk for Heart Patients ran in Health,, the Atlantic Journal Constitution, HealthDay News, Yahoo! Health

7/27/04: Clonidine helps when given before non-cardiac surgery ran on

7/27/04: Clonidine reduces post-surgical risk of cardiovascular death in non-cardiac surgery UCSF Press Release

4/12/02: New Device Measures Heartís Pumping Ability from Inside Windpipe from VHA Highlights

1/16/01: Myocardial ischemia reduced with clonidine from The Medical Post

8/95: "Heart-friendly Surgery" in Reader's Digest and Consumers Digest

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