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ECOM Monitor Images

The ECOM device is a minimally invasive cardiac output monitordesigned and tested in the Cardiac Engineering lab. It has received FDA 510K approval and is beginning to be marketed by Conmed.

ECOM device image

The ECOM development project required physics, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, software design, time and frequency domain signal processing, artificial intelligence, adaptive filters, fuzzy logic, algorithm design, applied math, chronic animal experimentation, and clinical trial design and execution. We produced more than 100 chronically instrumented pigs that survived for 30 to 90 days. We designed, manufactured, and tested 33 separate device designs. We have designed, built, and tested five separate versions of the measuring electronics each with high speed computerized data acquisition. We have tested numerous different algorithm designs. The design and the animal work has been published in Anesthesiology. We then conducted a 330 patient multicentered clinical trial in patients undergoing cardiac surgery. The system have several patents and is FDA 510K approved for clinical use.

ECOM monitor in action



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