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Operating Room Fire Safety by Art Wallace MD PhD: Guidelines for creating and maintaining a fire-safe operating room environment

October 2010 Issue of Anesthesiology: Association of the Pattern of Use of Perioperative [beta]-Blockade and Postoperative Mortality In the news: NPR | HealthCanal |More

Control of Blood Pressure and Vascular Tone: Hemodynamics Made Incredibly SimpleClick here for Beta Blocker & Clonidine Protocol Course

ECOM Endotrachial Cardiac Output Monitor now available. Click here to see a video of ECOM in action

ECOM Cardiac Output Monitor

Pacemakers for Anesthesiologists Made Incredibly Simple

Clinical Reminders for VA Hospitals available for download here.

Simple, Inexpensive, Instant, JCAHO Compliant Drug Labels for Anesthesia

Beta-Blocker & Clonidine (BBAC) Protocol online course
In the News: Cardiac Engineering in the media

Cardiac Engineering: State of the Art Quantitative Cardiovascular Research and Design

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