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11/2011 Operating Room Fire Safety by Art Wallace MD PhD: Guidelines for creating and maintaining a fire-safe operating room environment

10/2010 In the October 2010 Issue of Anesthesiology: Association of the Pattern of Use of Perioperative [beta]-Blockade and Postoperative Mortality In the news: NPR | HealthCanal |More

6/2010 Control of Blood Pressure and Vascular Tone: Hemodynamics Made Incredibly SimpleClick here for Beta Blocker & Clonidine Protocol Course

4/2009 ECOM Endotrachial Cardiac Output Monitor now available. Click here to see a video of ECOM in action

ECOM Cardiac Output Monitor

5/2008: Pacemakers for Anesthesiologists Made Incredibly Simple

10/2007: Clinical Reminders for VA Hospitals available for download here.

3/2007: Simple, Inexpensive, Instant, JCAHO Compliant Drug Labels for Anesthesia

Beta-Blocker & Clonidine (BBAC) Protocol online course
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